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Learn More about the Hotel

For curious interested by the hotel story , you will find it here ! 

Auberge le jardin d’Antoine is now offering you 25 rooms divided into 4 categories. Main building dates from early 1900.   In the beginning of 20th century, Saint-Denis Street, at our level, was the residence of French notables. We can imagine that main building where you stay was the residence of one of them. Building was transformed into a hotel in 1990 (it was until there exploited as an apartment house).Auberge Le jardin d’Antoine opens its doors on May 27th, 1990 with 9 rooms. In the following years, hotel founders and owners (Francine Gaudreault and Antoine Giardina) add rooms for a final total of 25.

Auberge Le jardin d’Antoine is an independant hotel with local owners. You will surely meet Marc-André or Isabelle during your stay. We (an all our team) are never too far to make sure you are having a good stay with us ! Hotel hires from 10 to 15 persons depending on moment of the year. From May to October, the hotel is practically booked at 100% while November to April is a quieter period. In summer, we mostly welcome tourists that come from surrounding areas including northeast of USA. We have a lot of guests from France also. In recent years, with expansion of web marketing, we welcome guests from all over the world. In winter, we mainly welcome local corporate guest. 

You will find here a professional, friendly service with good mood at all time!  

Do not forget to reserve directly with us, whether by calling us at 514 843-4506 or here on our official web site. 
We are the only one to know each of our room and we will guide you in a transparent manner considering your needs. 

We look forward to welcome you soon!